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Kindergarten Honors the American Flag photo

Kindergarten Honors the American Flag

Mrs. Weaver's and Ms. Brown's Kindergarten classes wanted to honor the American flag in remembrance of Patriot's day, September 11th, and in support of Constitution Day which is September 17th.

Kindergarten has been studying the American flag and learning about what the symbols of the flag represent. The class flag that they created shows 13 stripes made of red hand-prints of the kindergarten students. The 50 stars, which represent the 50 United States, was made from 50 thumb prints of the students.

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4th Graders Create a Buzz About the Books They Read photo

4th Graders Create a Buzz About the Books They Read

Our 4th grade readers recently got excited and created a buzz about their books. They got so animated that they wanted to share what they love about their books with others. They did this by creating cereal boxes highlighting their favorite book, author or series.

The students redesigned cereal boxes by making a panel of characters, a summary, a cover, and a new name. Some of our favorites were Readooos, Book Bits, Frosted Readers and a rated the book(s). It was a busy arts integration week in 4th grade.


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