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Helping Hands photo

Helping Hands

Ms. Neilsen, Nurse Supervisor visits Mrs. Micciantuono’s 4th grade class every Tuesday. She works with small groups during workshop. The students have had a great time practicing place value as well as fractions with Ms. Neilsen.

It’s always great to have an extra pair of hands to help us learn. This day we used bouncy balls to make fraction parts. Ms. Neilsen bought the bouncy balls and then donated them to our class. Thank you Ms. Neilsen!

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Comparing and ordering fractions photo

Comparing and ordering fractions

Fourth grade students were working on comparing and ordering fractions (4.NF.2). In order to use math vocabulary in an interactive way, students and Mrs. Alvarez played Hatteras Hop.

Hatteras Hop is played like the game of war in cards where each student turns over a card and compares their card with their opponent.  Whoever has the higher value fraction gets to place a piece on the board.  The winner covers more of the board with their pieces.  Fourth graders, Elijah and Lizbeth played to the end and the winner was Lizbeth.

The students enjoyed playing Hatteras Hop and understand how to compare and order fractions.

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