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Base Ten Value Art Lesson photo

Base Ten Value Art Lesson

The 4th graders at Benton Heights Elementary School of the Arts just completed their math unit of Numbers and Operations in Base Ten with a project created by Holly Casstevens that incorporated visual arts standards.

The students used various base ten images with values of ones, tens, hundreds, and thousands to make collages. When their creations were complete, they added up their amounts and wrote them in standard form and expanded form. They composed a written summary focusing on mathematical and artistic elements.

One child also incorporated what he learned during shared reading about 9/11. His collage was of the twin towers. In this culminating lesson, the children enjoyed showing off the many integrated standards that they have learned. 

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Using Puppetry with Math photo

Using Puppetry with Math

On Tuesday, September 16th, the second graders at BHESA+ enjoyed an active and engaging math lesson by Blumenthal puppetry artist Lona Bartlett.

Mrs. Bartlett used colorful sponge number puppets to extend learning with place value from ones all the way to 1000. During this lesson, students were given the opportunity to participate in a variety of ways, from coming up and assisting the puppets in voice and movement on their chosen place value spot to saying the full numbers across the units in regular and expanded form.

Students and teachers alike thoroughly enjoyed the arts-integrated experience, and we look forward to more enriching art lessons from other visiting Blumenthal artists in the future!

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